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Senior Fitness

Old is not a number, it’s a feeling.   We’ve all worked hard, raised children and maybe grandchildren.  Now how do we best enjoy our lives and stay healthy?  Frankly, it takes work – nothing impossible, but just consistent effort.  I can design a program for you to help:


  • Posture – no one wants to be hunched over.  It makes us look older & heavier, also causes back & shoulder pain.  I can help keep you standing tall.

  • Back pain - #1 complaint for people over 50.  There are strengthening and stretching exercises we can do to minimize muscle strain.


  • Hip/knee/foot pain – we have the freedom to do more traveling now, but that involves sitting for long periods of time which wreaks havoc on our hips.  Trying to keep up with our grandkids or doing weekend projects can “tweak” our knees or feet.

  • Shoulder issues – keeping our upper body strong can help minimize these.

  • Balance – not what it used to be?  This is not uncommon and there are preventative measures you can take.  The better the balance, the fewer the falls……need I say more?

  • Weight gain - it will happen unless we keep that metabolism going through regular exercise. 

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